The queen of the outdoor kitchen

Meet Pia Kromann from the online blog, one of the best grillers in Denmark whom with success inspire others to spend more time in their outdoor kitchens.

If you browse the internet, then you have probably met Pia several times, as she is highly skilled when talking outdoor cooking. Her name is Pia Kromann Bindslev, and she celebrates her 30th anniversary this year as an outdoor chef. From the grill to a pizza oven or even her wok – she is incredible and very creative – all products she master to perfection.

To cook outdoors is her true passion, in such a way that she by founding the cooking universe has made cooking her way of living, and a good business indeed.

Pia er altid med når vi skyder Cozze indhold, hvor hun laver den lækreste mad

It all started when she entered Weber in Denmark

Pia’s career within grilling really took off when she was employed by Weber grills in Denmark. As part of a small, yet effective, marketing team in Aalborg, Denmark she started building the grill culture that Weber became famous for all over Europe. Creativity and a true innovative mindset was the driver for the marketing team when developing ideas like the TV show “Around the grill”, Weber Camp, the Weber Club and lots of other food centric ideas.
Outside of her marketing activities she also managed to participate in the Danish championship of grilling, where she made impact with some serious cooking skills.
Throughout the years it has alwas been good food and the ability to cook literally anything on the grill that were Pias true passion. She wanted to inspire others to get the most of their outdoor cooking products.
As a fact, Pia can literally cook anything on a grill, a pizza oven, a plancha or whatever the product might be. And she is really good at it.

If you follow Pia on Instagram or TikTok you’ll soon realise the variety of what she cook, as she try almost anything and prove that it can be cooked better outdoors. But her true passion is to cook desserts and bake bread which she do outside on the pizza oven or the grill. Especially her pizza with fig and caramel is a huge hit.

Pia has as an ambassador been part of the cozze family right from the beginning, and she is always instrumental in our production team when we produce content for the cozze world – so you can enjoy a lot of her creations if you enter the recipe library.

Else you have to go online and find on various social platforms.

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