Welcome to the new season

We have been working hard in the R&D department,
so we have a lot of new things to show you this year.
Enjoy browsing the website and start dreaming of your new cozze adventure.


We are introducing the most flexible series of outdoor kitchens made by cozze.
Get ready to dream big and start building the perfect outdoor cooking space.

Combine our luxury 2 or 3-module base units with a corner module an a sink or even a fridge. With cozze you become the designer!

Choose your cozze pizza oven…

We  alwaysgive you the ultimate pizza ovens to choose from, whether you wanna go electric, on gas and even with a rotating pizza stone.

cozze is one of the most popular pizza ovens.

The Cozze 500-Series

Something big is happening! The 500-series from cozze.

Get ready to be amazed by the slick design, stellar performance and superior taste. The series consist of a gas plancha, gas grill, and electric grill – all three can fit the beautiful premium cart. The choice is yours! With the possibility of cooking both direct- and indirect, this will be your new best friend on the patio, terrace or balcony.

Are you ready to design your dream?

We have created the most incredible series of outdoor kitchens, that give you the ultimate freedom to design your dream.
Choose from 5 modules, and get endless combinations – with cozze you become the designer.

The biggest trend in grilling right now is the Plancha

Have you ever imagined how to cook english breakfast, smash burgers or seafood outside?
The answer is a plancha. This is the most hyped product in the outdoor category, and we promise you endless fun when you start cooking!

We have four amazing models to choose from.

The queen of the outdoor kitchen

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