Get a cart for your cozze

You’ll never regret getting a cart for your cozze products. You’ll get a perfect height for working, and you’ll be able to manage the gas bottle in a nice way.


We have a great selection that will fit your desired style of design and your wallet.

Portable folding table

Convenient folding table for pizza oven that can be folded so that it fits in the car or caravan during transport. Can easily be stored away.
The table fits cozze grills, pizza ovens and planchas. Material: Aluminum. Max weight load: 50 kg.
Size: L 950 x W 615 x H 845 mm

Cart w/stainless steel top

Our luxury cart that works well with your cozze oven. Fitted with 2 stainless steel kitchen rods plus 6 accompanying stainless steel S-hooks. Mounted with 4 pcs. powerful Ø 75 mm wheel which are electro-galvanized with black powder coating.
Fitted with pull-out table/cutting board 43×35 cm on pull-out rails made in Zink-plated and powder-coated matt black. Max load: 80 kg.
Size: L 60 × W 60 × H 83.5 cm

Premium Cart

We have made a stand that fit the full 500-series of products. You decide whether you want a gas grill, electric grill or a plancha – and it will fit this beautiful stand and make your balcony or terrace look amazing.

The materials are powdercoated zink plated steel with a beautiful coverplate to hide the gas bottle.
Dimensions: L 127 x W 64.5 x H 74.5 cm.

Premium Cart XL

Create the ultimate outdoor dining experience with our fantastic patio table. This versatile trolley is designed to complement our Plancha 800 model.

Base treatment: Zink-coated – highly resistant to rust, Handle: SS430 stainless steel, Wheels: TPR with wheel covers. Hooks side shelves: 6 on the front
Fitted with 4 sturdy Ø7.5 cm wheels that are zink-plated powder-coated steel. Product dimensions: L 146 x W 70 x H 74.5 cm


We always recommend that you cover up your products when they are not in use. This help you to enjoy your cozze for years to come.

Cover for gas bottle

If you do not like the visual look of your gas bottle on your patio, then this is the solution. Made for 11KG. gas bottles in a durable material to stand wind and water.

Cover for 13″ oven

Remember to protect your oven by having a quality cover. This cover is for the 13″ models and made of a durable vinyl that stand water and wind.

Cover for table & oven

This is the perfect cover for protecting your cozze pizza oven placed on our table. Made from durable vionyl to stand the test of the weather in any condition. By using a cover, you prolong the lifetime of your beloved cozze product, so remember to protect it.
Accessories are more fun!
Have fun in your backyard